Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Without an integrated ERP solution, organizations need disparate systems to support different business processes and business functions. These ‘silo’ or ‘stove pipe’ systems and the processes they support are typically inflexible and costly to maintain. As a result, many companies have embarked on ERP implementations and have found them to be complex and high risk endeavors. It is common to see implementations that have failed, often as a result of poor process design, unnecessary customizations and lack of adoption.

Our Approach

  • Engage the best team that consists of our highly skilled and experienced Architects, Functional Consultants, Developers and Project Managers.
  • Blend in with your corporate culture, and quickly understand requirements.
  • Implement best-in-class business processes.
  • Minimize project risk by keeping it simple, follow rigorous proven implementation methods and change management techniques.
  • Maximize out-of-the-box functionality. Leverage best practices embedded in your ERP application by configuration and minimal customizations.

Key Benefits

  • Successful implementation that is well adopted and accelerated Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Cost effective delivery using an optimal combination of onshore, offshore and managed services.
  • Reduced risk by leveraging:
    • Accelalpha’s experience in navigating the complexity of an ERP implementation.
    • Knowledge of the application, underlying technology, and optimal implementation methodologies.
    • Impeccable track record.

Products And Technologies

Accelalpha implements following ERP suites:

  • Oracle eBusiness Suite
  • Oracle ERP Cloud