22 Oct
Accelalpha Webinar
Webinar: Replacing Trade Compliance Legacy Solutions


As trade compliance fines go up and trade requirements perpetually change, the risk for businesses continues to grow. In today’s world, you need a robust and flexible Global Trade Management (GTM) solution to help ensure compliance and to avoid any potential violations.

However, navigating through trade compliance solutions can be tricky. And if you already have a platform, is it still optimal for your company? So, what’s the solution? How can an organization properly evaluate if the business should migrate from their current methodologies and solutions? What benefits could come from migrating?

Join Accelalpha to answer those questions – and more. Plus, hear from Keysight Technologies, about their experience migrating from Amber Road to Oracle Global Trade Management (GTM) Cloud.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Oracle GTM can decrease trade compliance risk
  • How to reduce the cost of ownership with Global Trade Management
  • How Oracle GTM can improve your business's performance
Rich Barboza

Rich Barboza

Manager, IT Solutions

Keysight Technologies

Joe Spear

Partner, Global Services


28 May
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12 Feb
Accelalpha at Oracle MSCE 2018
Accelalpha Modern Supply Chain Experience 2018 Wrap-Up

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