Accelalpha Modern Supply Chain Experience 2018 Wrap-Up

12 Feb
Accelalpha at Oracle MSCE 2018

Events & Conferences / Oracle Global Trade Management (GTM)

The Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience (MSCE) is one of the most coveted events for supply chain and logistics professionals worldwide. Each year, professionals from across the globe attend the MSCE to stay updated with the latest industry trends, case studies and insights. The 2018 edition of the MSCE was held in San Jose, California.

The Accelalpha team had a busy couple of days at the MSCE 2018. Here are some highlights:

Accelalpha’s GTM, OTM and WMS teams connected with customers and experts in the industry and offered insights to successful Oracle implementations.

Team Accelalpha at Booth 826

Team Accelalpha at Booth 826

Tuesday, 30th Jan: Accelalpha hosted an invite-only customer and partner cocktail reception at the Arcadia Lounge, San Jose Marriott. The reception was a success and saw a huge turnout that included industry leaders, senior partners and others.

Wednesday, 31st Jan: Seagate Technologies, one of the largest data storage companies in the world, presented their case study ‘Seagate Migrates to GTM Cloud’. Accelalpha has been working with Seagate for several years and was instrumental in helping them successfully migrate to the GTM cloud.

                                                              Seagate Presentation: GTM Cloud Migration

Seagate Presentation: GTM Cloud Migration



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